Please Weigh In On The Drama Unfolding With Kristen Bell And Dax Shepard Over A Lazy Boy Chair

    Only one can win.

    One week ago, Dax Shepard shared this photo to his Instagram:

    In the caption he warned us that a war was a brewin'.

    And he was right.

    Because like Dax predicted in his caption, Kristen followed his Instagram with this photo of her own. It showed Dax sitting comfortably in his new lazy boy.

    But Kristen's caption explained that she did not agree with his lazy boy location choice.

    Because ya know, it's in the middle of the living room.

    A couple days later Kristen shared another photo. The lazy boy still sat in the dead center of the dimly lit room.

    The debate was not over yet.

    Then, just a few days ago, Kristen shared two more pictures. They showed her view of the TV with Dax's unmoved chair.

    And her face reacting to this view.

    Apparently the lazy boy debate has no winner yet.

    So now, I turn to you, the good, honest people of this earth. And I ask...

    I pray for a victor soon.