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What Is Your Favorite YouTube Video That's Under A Minute Long?

Good things come in small packages.

YouTube is a fun place. It's also weird. And vast. So much content, so little time. Which is why I've brought you here.

I'm asking you to share your favorite YouTube video that is UNDER ONE MINUTE LONG. That means it has to be less than 60 seconds. Short 'n sweet.

For example, this is my favorite video. It's 44 seconds of perfection.

View this video on YouTube

This is my friend Dave's favorite vid. It's 10 seconds of bliss.

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And my other friend Matt loves this one! 55 seconds! Just made the cut!

View this video on YouTube

So, share away!!!! Leave your fav video in the comments below. Let us experience your under 60 seconds video joy with you!