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    31 Pictures That Will Confuse You At First But Then When You See It, You'll Get It

    A picture worth a thousand questions.

    1. This isn't a dog-human hanging on the slide:

    2. This cat does not have a giant hole through its body:

    3. I swear Elmo doesn't have a ponytail:

    4. This isn't a picture from Jurassic Park:

    5. There is not a woman coming out of this bag:

    6. This is not a body-less dog:

    7. This is not Jesus cat:

    8. There *is* a car in this picture:

    9. This girl does indeed have a lower body:

    10. This cat isn't a deep see creature:

    11. This is not an extremely stunned dog:

    12. This dog does not have 1,000 teeth:

    13. Neither does this one:

    14. This is not someone staring at you:

    15. This is not a guy with curly hair:

    16. This isn't a group of pigeons:

    17. This woman isn't suspended in mid air:

    18. This sadly is not a cool dog in a hat and jacket:

    19. This is not some sort of long frog:

    20. This isn't a shipwreck:

    21. This cat does not have a severed arm:

    22. This isn't a big dog with a small head:

    23. And this isn't a little dog with a large head:

    24. This woman isn't lifting this guy with gorgeous legs:

    25. This guy isn't wearing boots with heels:

    26. This cat doesn't have five legs:

    27. These are not giant pyramids:

    28. This isn't a car with five headrests:

    29. This is not a lil' boat surrounded by glaciers:

    30. This is not a genie wearing pink stockings and sneakers:

    31. And finally, this is not Rafiki poking out of the ground in somebody's backyard:

    OR IS IT?

    JZEve / Reddit