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    16 Pictures That Were Taken Of Famous People This Week


    1. Leonardo DiCaprio tried to stay low-key.

    Gumu / Gamr / Backgrid

    2. Wells Adams went for a run.

    Ospo / Osvaldo / Backgrid

    3. Rita Ora played a cop.

    Xpos / Crystal Pix / Timmie / Backgrid

    4. Justin Theroux walked with his dog.

    Ulra / Ulices Ramales / Backgrid

    5. Liam Payne was Superman.

    Xpos / Backgrid

    6. David Hasselhoff posed with a green car.

    Mpnc / MediaPunch / Backgrid

    7. Sacha Baron Cohen tried out some new hair.

    Shan / Shady / Backgrid

    8. Cody Simpson went for a swim.

    MTRX / Backgrid

    9. Sandra Bullock held a puppy.

    Spot / Backgrid

    10. Miley Cyrus wore a statement shirt.

    Wago / Backgrid

    11. Kim and Kanye took a stroll.

    Jwny / JosiahW / Backgrid

    12. Heidi Klum and her husband, Tom Kaulitz, were glittery people.

    Gumu, Ngre / Backgrid

    13. Lindsay Lohan wore pink.

    Rees / Fernando Ramales / Backgrid

    14. Pete Davidson went for a walk.

    Dylan Travis / ABACA

    15. Shawn Mendes stared down from a terrace.

    Bgau / Backgrid

    16. And Joe Jonas was a man in velvet.

    Miha / Alexjr / Backgrid

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