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    16 Pictures Taken Of Famous People This Week

    Here's what they were caught doing.

    1. Shawn Mendes wore this baby mask.

    2. And Camila Cabello showed off her unicorn look.

    3. Niall Horan looked confused out of a window.

    4. Justin Theroux walked his pup.

    5. So did Emily Ratajkowski.

    6. Jennifer Lopez wore this big ol' hat.

    7. Harry Styles met this dog.

    8. Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds had a laugh in the park.

    9. Kristen Stewart wore a lewk.

    10. Wendy Williams bought a Louis Vuitton rhino.

    11. Justin Bieber wore some kewl shades.

    12. Sylvester Stallone tried on some clothes outside the dressing room.

    13. Kaia Gerber waited for coffee.

    14. Katie Holmes hailed a cab.

    15. Billie Eilish walked around with her boot.

    16. And Bella Hadid was surrounded.