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    24 Pictures Of The Cast Of "A League Of Their Own" Being Ridiculously Cute Together In Real Life

    I'm in love.

    If you're watching A League of Their Own, then you know one thing:

    Annnnd if you're like me, then you have a crush on all of the ladies at once.

    I love 'em. I LOVE 'EM ALL.

    So obvi, I'm obsessed with them being cute together off screen. Please, join me in my obsession.

    1. D'Arcy Carden (aka Greta), Roberta, Kate Berlant (aka Shirley), and Kelly off duty:

    2. Gbemisola Ikumelo (aka Clance) and Chanté Adams (aka Max) being factory chic:

    3. Molly Ephraim aka Sabel showing off her pregnant stomach...because she was pregnant the ENTIRE TIME they were filming:

    4. And here's Roberta cradling the unborn peach:

    5. Chanté showing off her real family members who were used as her fake family members for part of the set:

    6. Roberta Colindrez (aka Mita) arm wrestling Abbi Jacobson (aka Carson) while Kelly McCormack (aka Jess) refs:

    7. And some video of the arm wrestling getting more intense:

    8. Gbemisola and Chanté doing a little pre-scene dance:

    9. Melanie, D'Arcy, and Abbi taking a picture so it will last longer:

    10. Abbi becoming one with Carson:

    11. Some of the cast taking a little break from workin' hard:

    12. Chanté and Abbi soaking it all in:

    13. The double daters Chanté, Kendall Johnson (aka Gary), Gbemisola, and Aaron Jennings (aka Guy) in the flesh:

    14. A peachy selfie:

    15. The players and the non-players bonding:

    16. Gbemisola and Chanté getting into character:

    17. Some of the peaches at Melanie Field's (aka Jo's) wedding:

    18. A collection of set pics that are all special:

    19. Dugout friends:

    20. Gbemisola and Chanté filming in the time of COVID:

    21. All of the ladies constantly being amazing:

    22. Some peaches and beers:

    23. Chanté and the rest of the girls in action:

    24. And finally, a team selfie taken before the invention of iPhones. AMAZING.