32 Pics From "TRL" That Are So Painfully 2000s And Also Make Me Laugh Because I Don't Know What Anyone Was Thinking

    How was anyone allowed on live TV in these outfits?

    1. Stacie Orrico in her circle belt with Edward Scissor Hands hair:

    Stacie Orrico in jeans, an embroided belt, layered tank tops and wild, spiky hair

    2. Anne Hathaway in her tiny Le Tigre polo with a belt from Hot Topic (probably):

    3. Hilary Duff in her black hair era:

    Hilary Duff in a black sequenced mini skirt, black lace top, and short black hair, holding a mic

    4. Fergie and her bangs:

    Fergie in a pink graphic shirt and black cardigan with bangs starting far back on her head

    5. Rachel McAdams in these leggings under shorts:

    6. Mandy Moore in these capris:

    Mandy Moore holding a mic wearing silver pumps, peach capri pants, and a black top

    7. Samantha Mumba as a student of the first graduating class at Euphoria High:

    Samantha Mumba wearing a bra-style white feathery top, brown and turquoise belt, and jeans

    8. Jake Gyllenhaal... and his hat:

    jake wearing a Dodgers hat sideways

    9. Shakira in a classis dress + studded belt combo:

    10. Jessica Alba in her little lacey cropped blazer thing:

    11. Alicia Keys in this puffy-sleeved cardigan bra:

    Alicia wearing a cropped cardigan with low-rise jeans and newsboy cap

    12. Lauren Conrad in these jean capris and statement necklaces:

    13. Usher in this fedora visor:

    14. Jennifer Lopez appearing in this tiered dress with a cardigan and a belt:

    15. Rachel Bilson in this layered boho look:

    Rachel Bilson with TRL host

    16. Alexa Vega and her side bangs:

    17. Christina Milian with that same hairstyle, just five inches shorter.

    18. Bruce Willis in this fedora with a little part turned up:

    19. JoJo in the Navaro cheer uniform before anyone knew about Navaro:

    20. Reese Witherspoon wearing these sunglasses:

    Reese Witherspoon standing next to Luke Wilson in very '00s sunglasses

    21. Benji Madden and his hair:

    Benji sporting long spiked hair and running black eyeliner

    22. Jessica Simpson in these thigh-high boots and tiny green jacket:

    23. All the flared denim here seen on Vanessa Lachey, Amber Tamblyn, and Alexis Bledel:

    24. Eve in her baby tee:

    Eve wearing a crop-top that says, "that was the longest 4 years of my life..."

    25. Avril in her pink parachute pants:

    26. Brandy in this torn curtain ensemble:

    27. Ashlee Simpson in her black hair era:

    28. Carmen Electra in this newsboy cap and gauchos:

    29. Kristen Bell in this skirt + going out top:

    30. Jewel in giant camo pants and a shirt with a bow:

    31. Pink in a top that literally says "fast and loose."

    32. And finally, Christina Aguilera in a pink bucket hat, striped scarf, cropped tee, cargo capris, and pink suede boots: