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    17 Photos That Define Michael Cera

    He exists with us.

    1. He's a man that's pensive.

    Fameflynet Pictures

    2. And thoughtful.

    Getty Images / Jason Merritt

    3. He's not shy to experiment.

    Getty Images / Frazer Harrison

    4. Or try new fashions.

    Fameflynet Pictures

    5. He's a gentleman with dignity.

    Getty Images / Kevin Winter

    6. And balance.

    Splash News

    7. He's a man of adventure.

    IFC Films

    8. And culture.

    9. He's a romantic.

    C Flanigan / FilmMagic

    10. A true ladies man.

    Getty Images / Jerod Harris

    11. He's provocative.

    12. He's kind.

    Getty Images / Michael Buckner

    13. And caring.

    IFC Films / Via

    14. And gracious.

    Getty Images / Larry Busacca

    15. He's curious.

    16. He's elegant.

    DC Hunter /

    17. And most of all, he's magical.


    Never forget Prancing Cera.

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