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22 Photos Of Pets With Snapchat Filters That Are Just Perfect

Pure bliss awaits.

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Snapchat filters are a wonderful thing. But even more wonderful are pets using Snapchat filters. asked the BuzzFeed Community to share their best photos of their pets using Snapchat filters. Here are 22 of them that are absolutely perfect.

1. This very happy dog:


2. This canine pilot:


3. This swollen kitten:


4. This law-enforcing cat:


5. And this googly-eyed one:


This jungle-exploring dog:


6. This parrot all ready for Coachella:

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7. This buff guy:


8. And this frowning pitbull:


9. This grumpy cat-dog:


10. This viking:


11. This dog ready for battle:


12. And this vision-impaired little guy:


13. This hamster going through an identity crisis:


14. This dog becoming a bunny:


15. And this dog, disguised as a fox:


16. This spirited animal:


17. This glamourous face:


18. This equally as glamorous face:


19. This emo cat:


20. This hipster Husky:


21. This similin' guy:


22. And what is clearly Doug, from Up:


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