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    Posted on 10 jul. 2018

    17 perros comiendo sandía para recordarte que hay que mantenerse hidratado

    ¡Es la temporada!

    1. Sí, perrito mío

    The way my dog eats watermelon is everything 😂

    2. A bocaditos

    3. Cachorrito sandía

    @JenelleBnstr Hehe my dog was licking it at first!

    4. Mira mis dientes

    You could say my dog likes watermelon

    5. Delicioso

    If you’re having a bad day here’s my dog eating watermelon x

    6. Ñam, ñam, ñam

    7. Cabeza de melón

    So that thing about dogs eating watermelon gently is 100% true

    8. Dulce y blandito

    Okay but this video of my dog eating watermelon is everything 😍😍😭😭

    9. Fresco y fino

    Hey guys my sister sent me this vid of our dog eating a watermelon enjoy

    10. Hay que estar hidratado

    11. Soy un perro

    My sister-in-law’s dog Chevy tried watermelon for the first time and couldn’t quite figure it out. Please enjoy.

    12. Me gusta la vida y comer sandía

    13. Con buenos modales

    Obsessed with my dog eating watermelon 😂😍

    14. A mordisquitos

    @MeghanRienks Here’s my dog eating watermelon I hope it cheers you up

    15. Me quito el sombrero, compañero

    and today we discovered that my dog eats watermelon like a person. What did I do to deserve this angel

    16. Soy educado

    If you're having a bad day, here's a video of my dog eating watermelon

    17. Sin prisa, pero sin pausa

    @JenelleBnstr We decided to try it ourselves and I don’t regret it one bit

    Este artículo ha sido traducido del inglés.

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