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    19 People Who Turned Lemons Into Lemonade

    Real MacGyvers we have here. We should all strive to be as forward thinking as these people.

    1. This guy who had no shoes, so he made his own LOAFers:

    2. The person that solved the missing cushion problem:

    3. This guy who thought, "no floatie, no problem!":

    4. The person who knew his pencil could be more than JUST a pencil:

    5. And whoever saved counter space by drying their dishes outside:

    6. Whoever is still riding this bike thanks to this N64 controller:

    7. The person that knew Legos could be just as good as cement:

    8. Same with this person:

    9. And this one, ya know what they saw about GREAT minds!

    10. Whoever used their artistic abilities to fix this clock:

    11. The genius who just needed some duct tape to make a ceiling fan:

    12. Whoever found a way to get more use from their razor scooter:

    13. The person who rigged this power switch:

    14. The person who knew hangers could be decorations:

    15. The family who saw a tarp and a car and thought: "swimming pool!":

    16. The person who saw a bright future for this straw:

    17. The guy who knows how to fix a bridge:

    18. The kid who can make his own damn microphone stand:

    19. And this lady, who turned Capri Suns into high fashion: