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    Updated on Sep 3, 2020. Posted on Nov 22, 2016

    We Need To Talk About The Emotional Rollercoaster That Is The Lesbian Storyline On "Supergirl"

    Please, join me.

    Hello. I am here to talk about the amazing and also heart-wrenching storyline happening on Supergirl right now. You may have heard that there was a queer one a-brewing...


    And this is a lot of people's current state right now:

    But let me recap briefly for you in case you have made the huge mistake of not watching this show. This is Alex Danvers and Maggie Sawyer (played by Chyler Leigh and Floriana Lima).

    Long story short: Maggie Sawyer and Alex Danvers met. They became friends and Maggie basically helped Alex realize she's gay.

    And then, after realizing she was definitely in love with Maggie, Alex came out on the show and it was SOMETHING SPECIAL.

    Because it was so accurate.

    LIKE, SO REAL TO THE POINT WHERE IT KINDA HURTS (but you still like it because it's so true). Basically it was perfect and emotional and made me cry a thousand times.

    MOVING ON THOUGH. After the big coming-out, THERE WAS A KISS! IT WAS HAPPENING. After all this time (OK, just four episodes, but really since the birth of Earth) ALEX AND MAGGIE WERE BECOMING A THING. Sanvers was real.

    But, then it kinda wasn't because Alex got rejected by Maggie (for reasons)...

    ...and then all the feelings came rushing back in again.

    And then last night Alex confronted Maggie about her heartbreak and omg it was the realest shit ever.

    And even though these are TV characters and stuff, IT HURT LIKE HELL.

    Things were not OK!!!

    Only this was true:

    And then, even though our queer hearts could barely take any more...Maggie came to Alex and poured her heart out to her:

    And it was like, Maggie...



    Is anyone home?!?!?!

    And as if the show putting us through a roller coaster of emotions wasn't enough, Chyler and Floriana are destroying us by posting these Instagrams:

    Did I say destroying us? I meant saving us.

    Basically, now we just wait and enjoy the ride.

    We're all in this together.

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