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    Paul Rudd Can Make His Fingers Look Like A Butt In Pictures, Which Is A Skill I Hope To Acquire One Day

    What can't Paul Rudd do.

    Paul Rudd is a man of many talents. But perhaps the greatest one of all is that he can make his fingers look like a butt in photos, something that I just learned from his interview on Hot Ones.

    It's simple, really. He goes to take a photo and does this thing with his hands.

    Then he proudly shows off his work.

    The end result looks like this. A person standing under/in between a butt and legs.

    He can even make it look like there are balls, too (with some special positioning of his pinkie finger).

    In more advanced hand positioning, Paul can also do a vagina.

    Twitter: @seanseaevans

    Should I have censored this? It's just a hand, so I went with no.

    Am I impressed? Yes. Am I inspired? Even more so. Is my camera roll now filled with attempts at doing the same thing with my good friend Dave? Absolutely.


    It's the most important thing I've learned since potty training.


    I think I'm really starting to get the hang of it.


    Best part of the whole thing is that Paul Rudd's phone is filled with an endless amount of these pictures with celebrities under his finger butts.

    His phone is now worth more than everything in the Louvre.

    I hope one day we can see those photos. Until then, I shall be practicing and hope to make Paul proud one day.