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    This Video Of Paris Hilton Teaching Us How To Make Lasagna Is The Only Cooking Tutorial That Matters

    This lasagna is literally so hot!

    Move the hell over Martha Stewart!!!! Au revoir Rachael Ray!!! SEE YA NEVER GIADA!!! There's a new chef in town. It's Paris Hilton, and she's here to cook for us.

    Yes, our Paris now has a YouTube series called "Cooking With Paris" and in the first episode, she makes her "infamous lasagna." This makes me wonder what the lasagna has done and who it has killed, but sadly we never get those answers.

    At home, about to film a new @YouTube video of me cooking my infamous lasagna! ๐Ÿ‘ฉ๐Ÿผโ€๐Ÿณ๐Ÿ #CookingWithParis

    I know because I watched all 15 minutes and 59 seconds of it!!!

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    And our queen of Barilla truly outdid herself!

    Not only is Paris allergic to bullshit, but she has created the best new formula for a cooking show, which is to not know how to cook at all and basically just wing it.

    I love this video for many reasons. First, because it involves putting pasta in water that isn't boiling yet.

    Second, wearing fingerless biking gloves the entire time, even while grating the cheese that she was pissed wasn't pre-grated.

    Also, it features Paris pouring a shit ton of salt on the meat.

    All over.

    Then wiping the extra salt off the meat with a wet paper towel, but then finding Himalayan pink salt, so...putting more salt on the meat.

    This video also showcases Paris stomping around the kitchen that she apparently has never used before and can't find anything in.

    So she just uses all the spatulas she can find to do something that requires a SPOON.

    And even though she completely forgot to chop the onions and the garlic, she still wanted to show off her onion-cutting glasses.

    We were even treated to a completely organic "that's hot" because, literally, the pan was hot!!!!!

    Me, the whole video:

    Basically, it's an amazing vlog, and I will be watching Paris cook more as soon as possible!!!!