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    Papa John Is On TikTok Showing Off How Rich He Is And I'm Just Like, Alrighty Then

    That pizza moola.

    Hey, did you know that Papa John, aka John Schnatter, the disgraced founder of Papa John's, is worth like $800 MILLION????

    Angela Weiss / Getty Images


    And in even more exciting news β€” he's on TikTok now! How fun.


    Check out the link in my bio to rock some sweet gear and #GiveBackWithPapa β€” it’s all for charity! #foodfam #MakeMomSmile #woah #familytime

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    And on there, we get to see how rich he is. Did you know he has his own helicopter? Well, now I do.

    And here are some of his cars in his large garage. Must be nice!

    But also, we get a very brief tour of his mansion in Kentucky.

    @thepapajohnschnatter /

    It's a giant house and he only takes us like 10 steps into it, but already I'm like, WHhhhAaaaTTtttt.

    It looks ridiculous from above.

    @thepapajohnschnatter /

    And then inside, there's some giant statue of an eagle?????

    @thepapajohnschnatter /

    But it's not just a sculpture, it's also a clock. I don't get rich people.

    @thepapajohnschnatter /

    Sadly, the tour ends before he shows us the library, which is annoying because...I wanna see the library!!!!! JUST SHOW US THE LIBRARY. Instead we gotta "wait for part two" because THIS IS HELL.

    @thepapajohnschnatter /

    However, I will wait. I will wait for as long as it takes to see more of Papa John's ugly mansion!!!!! I have all the time in the world right now!!!