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    19 Types Of Straws To Use If You Don't Want To Use Plastic Ones But Also Hate The Paper Ones

    Here are some alternatives!!

    Plastic straws suck because of the turtles, and paper straws suck because they dissolve in your mouth and your drink, they get really soggy, and they taste like cardboard. So If you are sitting there, thinking, "I need a new type of straw" then here are some more options for you.

    1. Silicone reusable straws

    They are reusable and they are bendy and fun to play with!

    2. Titanium straws

    They sound cool, they look cool, and you can use them over and over again.

    3. Bamboo Straws

    Simple and biodegradable!

    4. Reusable Glass straws

    Classy because they are made of glass, and once again reusable!!

    5. Stainless Steel straws

    Like titanium straws, but different.

    6. Hay straws

    Literally made from straw. A STRAW STRAW!!

    7. Reusable hard plastic straws

    My friend Jen has 8 of these that she rotates with!!! In fact, she talks about them all the time it's actually kind of annoying. They are plastic, yes, but a better version of plastic.

    8. Glasses straws

    Fun to look at and fun to drink with.

    9. Ice Straws

    First of all, they make your drink colder when you drink it and second of all, it disappears at the end!

    10. Bucatini pasta straws / Via

    It's a pasta that is literally a straw. Mamma mia!

    11. Cooked bucatini pasta straws

    Just like bucatini pasta straws but more wiggly and you're gonna need to prop it up straight while you sip out of it.

    12. Veggie straws

    Veggies with a convenient hole in them!! Perfect.

    13. Rainbow Candy Straws

    Fun, colorful AND eco-friendly.

    14. Sour Punch straws

    15. Twizzlers straws


    16. Oreo Funstix

    Sturdy and biodegradable.

    17. Wafer straws

    Just take a bite off each end and you'e got yourself a heck of a straw!

    18. The stems of random green vegetables straws:

    These are basically the stems of scallions or other greens. As green as you can get.

    19. Pepperoni Straws

    Ain't nothing like sipping your cold iced coffee through a good ol' meat tube.

    Happy sippin'!

    20. If you were even a little bit interested in what you just read here, I highly recommend checking out this vid!!

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