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    19 Other Acronyms You've Probably Been Getting Wrong This Whole Time

    You live and you learn!

    Today, the door to truth flew wide open when people realized that IMHO stands for "In My Honest Opinion" and not "In My Humble Opinion." Sorry, but... the votes don't lie! Anyway, I decided to take this incident and turn it into a teaching moment. Here are 18 other acronyms you've prob been gettin' wrong for ur whole sad life!

    1. SMDH = Shake My Damp Head

    2. JFC = Jentucky Fried Chicken

    3. LOL = Lasagna Over Love

    4. JK = Just Knitting

    5. TBQH = To Be Quite Humble

    6. BRB = Better Run, Barb!!!!

    7. FWIW = This is not an acronym actually! It is a Swedish word pronounced FW-EW, and it means "I'm hungry."

    8. DIY = DAMN I (love) YODELING

    9. TGIF = Teehee GEE, I farted!

    10. ICYMI = In case you mix it

    11. FTW = Free The Wontons

    12. IDK = ID, Karen? You Don't Look 21!

    13. WTF = Where's Tony Franco?

    14. JTLYK = Jan, T'Give Lance Your Kite

    15. RU = Ryan's Underwear

    16. XOXO = Xavier, ouch, XAVIER, OY!

    17. TMI = Too Much Ice

    18. IRL = I Respect Limes

    19. IAE = I am Emo

    Hehe I made this last one up.

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