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Ok Wait...Is Taylor Swift Hiding INSIDE This Umbrella????

Maybe not as unlikely as it seems.

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Remember when Taylor Swift was absolutely, without a doubt, most definitely hiding in a giant suitcase to avoid paparazzi?

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It feels like that just happened last week. Memories! Anyway. I now have a sneaking suspicion that Taylor Swift doesn't just hide in suitcases. But also...UMBRELLAS. Let me explain.

This is a photo taken of Taylor Swift and her ~rumoreddd~ new boyfriend Joe Something, leaving Taylor's Tribeca apartment. Notice how she is trying to hide from the cameras...

...but you can still see her red lip™. So cleary, she wasn't hiding enough.

Upon returning to the apartment after apparently purchasing the same shoes and putting their new matching sneakers on, Taylor attempts to hide again. This time under an umbrella which is interesting because it's not even raining!

There are no raindrops on the umbrella. It's dryer than the Atacama Desert*.

*That's the dryest place on earth. Google it. /

*That's the dryest place on earth. Google it.

Plus you can still see her world famous ankles!! SHE STILL WASN'T HIDDEN ENOUGH.

Which brings me to my original theory: that Taylor Swift not only hides in giant suitcases, but also inside umbrellas.

And to prove it, I turn to this photo of Taylor's BF Joe Something leaving her apartment *alone*, with the very large umbrella.

I mean, why would he be leaving alone, when history has proven that they leave places together? Plus, clearly her previous attempts at hiding were foiled by her red lips™ and ankles. She needed to step up her game. That's why she's in that umbrella.

Additionally, the umbrella is not open all the way. Why? Well, because Taylor is hiding under there, nested in the spokes. The umbrella can't be opened any further because if it was, she'd be crushed.

A rendering:

Anywhoozle, I wonder where she'll hide next! Bye!

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