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Wow I Just Found Out That Some People I Know And Care About Text During Movies At The Movie Theater


HI, IT'S ME AGAIN. This morning I decided to write a post about some YouTuber named James Charles who started Universe War I when he tweeted that he didn't like the movie It. But beside the fact that he didn't like the movie, people were mad at him because he said this:


So basically, he revealed that he actively uses his phone while watching movies in a movie theater.


When I saw that I was like, wtf? WHO DOES THAT. But I didn't ask my coworkers their opinions, because tbh I thought they would all agree with me and that it's weird and not ok to use your phone while watching a movie.

BUT I ASSUMED WRONG. About five hours after I published the post, I just happened to be thinking about phone usage during movies again, and decided to loudly ask everyone in my seating area if they thought it was ok or not. Turns out I have colleagues who like to use their phones while watching movies in the theater!!!


By name, here are some of the people that I work with who use their phones in movie theaters:

1) Kristen (whose spelling of her name has been changed because she'd like to remain anonymous), she sits next to me.

2) Morgan, she sits across from me

3) D*ve, he sits behind me

I couldn't believe it. I didn't understand how they justify it. Their reasonings ranged from "well, what if my grandma breaks her leg?" to "do you really think I could not check my phone for two hours??" (Re the last excuse, um...yes.)

There are multiple reasons for not being cool with phone usage during a movie. For me, It's just as simple as I need to pay 120% attention to every line in the movie or I'll never understand anything that's going on and I might miss important parts.

Also there's the fact that you paid money for something, that people worked hard to create the thing and you should respect them for it, and also cause it's distracting for OTHER people if you're cell phone light is a-glowin' the whole time!

Jasondoiy / Getty Images

Literally this once happened:

So, now I want to ask all of you — and before you respond, please note that before the movie starts when that trivia stuff is happening, you are FREE to use your phone. I'm only asking about after the lights dim and the previews come on...

  1. you use your phone while the movie is playing in a movie theater? ...d

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Looks like we are having a problem on the server. you use your phone while the movie is playing in a movie theater? ...d
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    Yes, I check it frequently
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    Yeah but only if I'm in the back row and no one is near me
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    NO. ABSOLUTELY NOT. NEVER!!!! Phone goes away and doesn't come back out until the movie ends
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    I just got back from Burning Man and don't use a phone anymore because I realized it doesn't mesh with my aura, so I can't answer this question