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    Posted on Aug 8, 2013

    Ode To You, Sweet, Sweet Burrito

    My joy, my life, my love.

    Hello, you fine piece of delectable delight.

    With your abundance of tantalizing ingredients.

    And your warm radiance that makes my hands quiver when I hold you in my palm.

    You are like a food that hugs itself. And also hugs me.

    I love the way your tortilla, so perfectly round and tan, holds everything with its strong dough.

    And the way it delicately rests upon my fingers when it gets steamy and moist.

    I love your rice. Those little grains of beauty and hope. Pouring into every crevice, from the cheese to the pico de gallo.

    And your meat. It's SO MEATY. And with every bite I get closer to heaven.

    I love your beans. No matter what kind of bean. Your beans are like the mushy glue that holds you together.

    And your cheese. OH GOD, YOUR CHEESE. The melty stringy pieces of dairy spooning with the meats and the rice, binding the tortilla to its insides. It's like salvation FOR MY MOUTH.

    I love the juice that falls from your pico de gallo, and the way the rice absorbs its flavors like a toddler, absorbing the world around him.

    And I love your guac. No — I don't just love your guac, I am in love with your guac. I WANT TO STUFF YOU SO FULL OF GUAC THAT IT SEEPS FROM THE ENDS.

    And in return, you will stuff my stomach.

    I love the way you are nestled in tin foil. The two of you cuddling with each other to keep safe and warm.

    And you will stay cozy in your foil until I am ready to eat you.

    And love you.

    The End