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    Nothing Is More Pure Or Better Than Diane Keaton's Outfit Of The Day Instagrams

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    Do I love Diane Keaton? Yes. Is this my second time that I'm urging the general public to follow her on Instagram? Yes, see here. And why? Why am I doing this??? Because in the time that I first realized her Instagram was a special place, it has gotten even better. Because she has started doing "Out Of The Day" posts. Let me show you.

    It started simply. She just wanted to know which of her signature outfits she should wear.

    A hat with a jacket, skirt and boots?

    Or a different hat with a a jacket skirt and boots?

    Then it changed from questions to statements.

    This was the outfit. That was that.

    The OOTD selfie's were increasing in quantity.

    An in quality! Get this woman a Myspace account!

    Then, thinks went from Diane to DIANEEE!!!!!!!!!

    YES M'AM!!

    And it only continues from here. Look at what we have to look forward to. Diane's inner thoughts on putting a skirt over a suit made at least six years ago.

    I will be following this journey until the world eats itself and nothing on this planet is left except for Diane's hats and belts.

    In conclusion: my new passion is whatever Diane Keaton is modeling on Instagram. The end!