Nikolaj Coster-Waldau Is Actually Prince Charming In Real Life

He plays a Ser on Game Of Thrones but he should be a Prince (charming).

1. Nikolaj Coster-Waldau is like Prince Charming IRL.

Getty Images

2. He actually resembles a charming prince:

Game of Thrones

3. Like it’s easy to mistake him for a literal Prince Charming.

4. SERIOUSLY THOUGH, he is twins with Prince Charming from Shrek:

5. But besides looking like an animated character he really does look like what prince charming would/should look like:

Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images

6. His face is perfectly structured:

Ben Gabbe / Getty Images

7. And his jawline is actually the best jawline on earth:

8. Also he has beautiful golden brown hair…

Jason Merritt / Getty Images

9. And it looks amazing even when it’s long and hasn’t been washed in a week:


10. Plus he does this lip biting thing that is so PRINCE LIKE:

Steve Granitz / WireImage

11. Princes LOVE biting their lower lip:

12. Also Nikolaj loves biting his lower lip:

Dave Kotinsky / Getty Images

13. So by deductive reasoning he IS a Prince.

Getty Images

14. He looks beautiful on any occasion:

Dimitrios Kambouris / Getty Images

15. Have you ever seen a man look more handsome in sneakers and cargo shorts? (NO!!)

16. He actually looks amazing in a fedora and charming princes are required to look amazing in fedoras.


17. His scraggly beard is the best scraggly beard in history:

Aaron Richter / Via aaronrichter.com

18. And even though charming princes don’t usually have scraggly beards they will now.

Vanity Fair

19. Because it’s perfect.

Aaron Richter / Via aaronrichter.com

20. And he’s perfect.

Aaron Richter / Via aaronrichter.com

21. Also he will charm your pants off. Which is an important part of being prince CHARMING.

22. *Is charmed*

IBL / Rex / Rex USA

23. Not to mention he’s DASHING, which is a word often associated with Princes.

Getty Images

24. And only someone prince-like would look like this and bring you flowers and wine:

Splash News

25. In conclusion: if anyone was going to be a real-life prince charming it would be him. THE END.

Chris Ritter For BuzzFeed / Via fanpop.com

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