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    Nicolas Cage Has Bought Himself A Pyramid To Rest His Dead Body In

    Because OF COURSE he did.


    TMZ reported:

    There's really nothing like enjoying the inside of a fine pyramid for all of eternity.

    Here are more photos of his future resting place, located in a cemetery in New Orleans:

    And If you are wondering why Nicolas Cage needs a 9-foot-tall pyramid to put his deceased human form in it's because HELLOOOOO, there needs to be room for all his incarnations:

    One square foot for Nic-Cat:

    One wall for Nic-Einstein:

    3 square feet for Nic E.T.

    2 square inches for Nic-Lego man

    A spot in the corner for Nic-Plato

    And a shelf for Nic-hand: