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    Nevermind Me, I'll Just Be Watching Tom Hanks Jumping Off His Yacht In Slo-Mo For The Next 10 Hours

    This is better than the bottle cap challenge.

    Wanna know what Tom Hanks got for his 63rd birthday? Beach clothes! Know how I know?

    Cause he showed off his cool new beach clothes in this video of himself jumping off what I can only assume is a large yacht, cause das how rich people do.

    Look at the cool beach clothes I got for my 63rd Birthday! Hanx!

    And what a glorious jump it was.

    From the classy crossed legs in those snazzy new shorts... the genie arms wrapped up in what looks like a very breathable cotton shirt...

    ...right up to that big ol' smile, and his head nicely shaded but a crisp white hat.

    The whole thing is a stunner.

    Absolutely breathtaking.