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    My Personal Review Of Cher's ABBA Cover Album, "Dancing Queen"

    This review does not reflect the review of any other human on earth, even though it should.

    Hi there and welcome to my music review post. Let's call it... Smitchsmork. Cher's new ABBA/Mamma Mia cover album, Dancing Queen came out today, so I have reviewed it.

    Cher I guess

    At the end of my thorough review, it will be given a number of stars. The lowest number of stars is ZERO and the highest number of stars is TEN. Pretty standard!

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    I've listened to the album several times already and have thought long and hard about the music. Here is my review.


    Track 1: "Dancing Queen"


    Love it! Sounds amazing. Absolutely great. Cher has never sounded better!

    Track 2: "Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)"


    OH HECK YES CHER!!! It's so good. A true masterpiece rendition. An instant classic!

    Track 3: "Name Of The Game"


    Starts slow and then I'm like...YES!!! SO GREAT!!! I LOVE IT! Cher did that once again!

    Track 4: "SOS"


    Pierce Brosnan is shaking in his booties. Absolutely spectacular. Some of Cher's finest. Highly recommend listening!

    Track 5: "Waterloo"


    Three words: WOW. OMG. DEAD. A huge success. Great song, great vocals. I love it!

    Track 6: "Mamma Mia"


    Cher does what an entire group does and does it BETTER (no offense ABBA). Cher for President. Love this song.

    Track 7: "Chiquitita"


    Now This Is What I Call Music Volume: CHER RULES. My ears opposite-bled while I listened to this song. Brilliant!

    Track 8: "Fernando"


    I mean. I meanNN!!! I MEANNN!!!! I meann..... I MEAN! I MEANNNNNNN. I meannnnnnnnnnnnn. I mean. Genius. Love it.

    Track 9: "The Winner Takes It All"


    For the first time in my life I feel bad for Meryl Streep! Cher strikes again! A beauty. Perfection!

    Track 10: One Of Us


    I cried! I sobbed! I felt emotions I didn't know existed. Remarkable! A+! Perfect!

    FINAL ALBUM RATING: 11 out of 10 stars.

    Please, listen for yourself. BYE!

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