Here Are My Personal Opinions About A Bunch Of The Galaxies We Can See In That Cool New Photo Of Space

    They are all cool AF, but some just seem cooler than others.

    Have u heard? Space is big. :) Here's just a speck of her in a new photo taken by my Razr Phone camera. JK, this is top-level NASA stuff, a photo captured by the James Webb Space Telescope. The first of its kind.

    Space is lovely, dark and deep. You're looking at the deepest infrared image of the universe ever taken—the first full-color image from @NASAWebb. Go deeper on the galaxies of SMACS 0723 at #UnfoldTheUniverse

    Twitter: @NASA

    And in this image, there are literally thousands of galaxies. And it turns out, galaxies are actually cool looking. Like, that's not just a made-up thing. THEY REALLY DO LOOK AWESOME.

    So I zoomed in and decided to shout out some of the coolest-looking ones. Because they are badass, and it's not all about the Milky Way anymore.

    First, we have these guys. Imagine getting your picture taken for the first time EVER but then getting almost completely cropped out? It hurts! So I would love to shed some light on them. <3

    This one is fiery and knows what she wants. LOVE HER!!

    Closeup of a galaxy with the bright red color of fire

    Gorgeous. Ethereal. Wise.

    Closeup of a circular swirling galaxy

    This galaxy is one of my personal favorites. Absolutely does not care to be the typical shape. Looks majestic. I love her!

    A strangely shaped galaxy that looks thin and elongated, almost like a slightly curved hot dog

    WHO THE HECK IS THIS?! Doing her thing and killing it.

    Closeup of a galaxy with the general shape of the letter A, with a brightly glowing single star beneath it

    This one really has it going on! A stunner.

    Closeup of a large circular galaxy that glows brightly in the center and gets darker at the edges

    This is a duo you don't wanna mess with!!

    Closeup of two small galaxies right next to each other


    Closeup of another two galaxies close together, both surrounded by star clusters that give it a kind of glow

    I get weird vibes from this one, so I'm moving on.

    A galaxy without a defined shape, with bright patches peppered throughout it

    We love a good galaxy that's just in a straight line!!!

    Don't underestimate this one. A gorgeous, gorgeous girl in her own way.

    Closeup of a small galaxy that looks a bit like the head of a mushroom

    Obsessed with this one and the way it looks like it will beat you up.

    Closeup of a galaxy that looks like it comes in two pieces; one thin elongated piece, with a second oval piece hovering above it

    This one has no definitive structure, but that’s what is great about it. Can do whatever it wants whenever it wants.

    Closeup of a galaxy with a very vague outline; it just looks like a pixelated blob

    I love that this galaxy is clearly stoned!

    A circular galaxy with a small thin protuberance coming off it, making it look almost like a fist with a claw coming out of it

    Faded but nice.

    A small circular galaxy with a bright light at the center but fading out on the edges

    Basic but not in a bad way — more like just a simple galaxy that likes simple things.

    A galaxy that is essentially just a small circle

    Obsessed with these two and whatever they are plotting.

    Two separate galaxies that seem to be connected by one long thin strip

    Cute. <3

    A galaxy at the center surrounded by what looks like a wreath of star clusters

    Amazing color, great shape. Could have more definition, but that's not their fault!!

    A circular galaxy that seems to have texture, like there are bumps coming out of the center and sides

    Giving off bitchy vibes, but I trust that it's just a facade.

    I want to be their friend!!!!!!!

    Several small galaxies near each other


    Two galaxies very close to each other, whose shapes make them look like a person&#x27;s belly and penis

    And finally, this one is visually incredible. This galaxy knows what it wants, and this winter break, it will GET IT!!!!! Absolutely iconic and perfect in every way. Love u!

    A galaxy with a brightly glowing figure in the middle with swirls emanating off of it

    Tell me your favorite galaxy in the comments below. <3 Bye!