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    24 MORE Tweets About "Love Is Blind" Because I Can't Get Enough Of That Show

    Keep 'em coming, folks.

    Once upon a time, I fell in love with Love Is Blind, the new Netflix dating show. It's bonkers, so I gathered some tweets for all of us to enjoy. Now there are more, so here they are.


    This is the most dynamic moment of TV I’ve seen in a long time - from Netflix’s “Love is Blind.” A guy telling his fiancé, who he met the week before, that he’s mentally stable while she feeds her dog wine and tells him that she’s not his mom. So much to unwrap in ten seconds.


    Amber to Barnett on Love is Blind @netflix


    Is Gigi about to walk out the house without covering that avocado or putting it in the fridge? How much money is Netflix giving the contestants of Love is Blind? Baffling.


    Everyone watching Mark and Jessica on Love is Blind.


    nobody: amber from love is blind: I'm just one of the boys. I'm not even like a girl I just hang out with the guys. I'm more of a boy than the boys. I can't even hang out with girls because I'm basically a boy. How does it feel to be with someone who is just one of


    Mark saying he’s still remembers the first time he saw her had me over here like uh ya it was 14 days ago lmao #loveisblindnetflix Love is Blind


    When Amber introduced Barnett as "Matt" .... #LoveIsBlind #loveisblindnetflix Love is Blind Netflix


    Love Is Blind is great because its a nice window into how boring the tinder conversations of conventionally attractive people are


    good morning to everyone except jessica from love is blind netflix


    I’m now trying to get everyone I know to watch love is blind on Netflix. I have endured 10 hours of absolute hell and I’m dragging you all down with me.


    Barnett Sr. is the one and only hero of Love is Blind


    Jessica on Love is Blind: I love Mark Also Jessica:


    Me: reality shows aren’t real Amber on Love Is Blind: I’m in debt Me: I’m listening


    jessica from love is blind has Jan Dinner Party energy



    Jessica from Love is Blind trying to find something wrong in every little thing 😂😂😂



    Love is blind will really have me in one pod speaking to shawty like this, I just know it


    me welcoming people as they slowly trickle into the Love is Blind fandom


    Cameron, Love Is Blind (Netflix) S01E07


    Every time they say “facility” or “experiment” on Love Is Blind I am reminded the enterprise I am supporting is vastly sinister; the Stanford prison experiment with Vanessa and nicholas lachey as the guards


    No one: ... Absolutely no one: ... Love is Blind:


    kinda fucked up that when the people on love is blind say i love you five days in it’s cute and romantic but when i do it it’s “crazy” and “too sudden”


    @nwalks I want the show to end with them all deciding life was better in "the pods" and for them all to go back in and never come out.

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