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The 17 Best Moments From The VMA Audience Cam

It's like I'm watching a celebrity zoo camera.

1. Gymnast Laurie Hernandez took a selfie with Kanye:

2. And then all of the Final Five had a group hug with Kim:

3. Ariana Grande got confetti stuck to her face:

4. But really her mom was the confetti queen:

5. Jaden Smith was the very first person to dance:

6. But then Kanye made everyone get on their feet for Rihanna's opening song:

7. Desiigner was having a good fuckin' time:

8. Kim was snapping...

9. the thumbs-up to someone (don't know who, but they also made Kanye smile)...

10. ..and also taking selfies with Hailey Baldwin:

11. Alicia Keys congratulated Kanye after his moment on the stage:

12. Naomi Campbell proudly recorded Rihanna's speech:

13. Joe and Nick Jonas had a brotherly love moment:

14. Ariana Grande loved Beyonce's performance so much she literally FELL TO THE FLOOR:

15. And when she finally got back up and basically had to wipe away tears:

16. Kanye West and Amber Rose had what looked to be a friendly exchange:

17. And Meek Mill took a video of Nicki Minaj when she was performing, and his flash was on.

God bless the audience cam!