Miley Cyrus Tweets (Then Deletes) That She Never Told Jennifer Lawrence To “Get It Together”

There are three sides to every story. Jennifer’s, Miley’s, and the TRUTH. (UPDATED)

1. Twitter user @OurFemaleRebel tweeted out the clip of Jennifer Lawrence talking about that time Miley Cyrus told her to get it together:

2. And then apparently Miley Cyrus herself responded to that tweet, saying this:

3. However, the tweet claiming that “that never happened”…was DELETED!

4. But not before people took notice and a twitter canoe had begun its paddle down the river.

@OurFemaleRebel @MileyCyrus really that is never happened?? Wtf?!

— DoMyThang (@DoMyThangITA)

7. So…is Jennifer Lawrence making up the tale? Or is Miley denying that this interaction ever occured?

@OurFemaleRebel wtf is this #didithappenornot

— Jenny Smith (@JZA80lady)

8. #didithappenornot. When will we know?


10. Miley tweeted again.

Miley Cyrus / Via Twitter: @mileycyrus

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