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    Miley And Jimmy Fallon Caused The Subway Crowd From Hell While Performing In Disguise

    The showtime of all showtimes.

    Sometime in the last week (I know this because Jimmy Fallon has only had a beard for like a minute) Miley Cyrus and Jimmy Fallon disguised themselves as some simple country folk and performed in the subway of NYC.

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    Wigs and sunglasses = legit disguise.

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    Anyway, then they performed "Jolene" (WHICH MILEY SHOULD RELEASE AS A REAL SINGLE BEFORE I LOSE IT).

    NBC /

    And the crowd started off a little small. I'd say a normal amount of people for any casual subway performance that's better than average.

    NBC /

    TBH Jimmy's bangs were prob a big enough draw alone.

    NBC /

    But then, the crowd grew. I love "Jolene" but holy shit this is a subway sardine situation straight outta hell.

    NBC /

    Then there was the big reveal. IT WAS JIMMY AND MILEY!!!

    And holy shit THE CROWD WAS INSANE.


    They continued their apocalyptic crowd subway concert with a performance of "Party In The U.S.A"

    Which is fun and great but also this pic gives me heart palpitations.

    Anyway, sorry to to future subway performers, your underground concert will never be this lit.

    NBC /

    And now this girl again:

    NBC /

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