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    Maya Hawke's Brother, Who Is Ethan Hawke And Uma Thurman's Son, Is Reportedly Going To Be In "Stranger Things" Season 4

    All in the fam.

    Obviii you know who Maya Hawke is. She played Robin in Season 3 of Stranger Things and became a fan fav (or at least, my personal fav).

    Well, turns out she has a brother named Levon.

    And yes, Levon's parents are also Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke. It's genetics.

    Cute fam!!!

    Anyway, based on new set photos from Stranger Things Season 4, which has just begun filming, it looks like Levon is now also going to be in the show.

    If seems like he was in character filming, looking like maybe he plays a local asshole who thinks he's cooler than everyone because he listens to alt music.

    Based on these pics, he shares some scenes with Joe Keery.

    Maya was also on set filming, but idk if she shares any screen time with her brother.

    Either way, Stranger Things is now a family affair. Can Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman be my parents too?