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    Martin Scorsese Guessing What These "Feminine Products" Are On His Daughter's TikTok Is Real Oscar Material

    "That's a flagon."

    Martin Scorsese has a daughter named Francesca.

    Jim Spellman / Getty Images

    She's on TikTok obviiiiii because everyone is.


    How bout you?? #SeaShanty #fyp #HomeImprovement

    ♬ original sound - deedeesaidso

    And now her dad has made an appearance on her account in a video where she shows him pics of typical "feminine" products and he guesses what they are. The Departed was good, but this TikTok is better.


    I will probably regret posting this but.... he actually did much better than I thought!!🤣martinscorsese guesstheobjectchallenge fyp greenscreen

    ♬ Spongebob - Dante9k

    He starts off strong and knows that this is for, "the eyes, you know, mascara."

    francescascorsese /

    Then he guessed the beauty blender to be "some sort of cosmetic thing you use," and she gave him points for that.

    francescascorsese /

    And at one point he gets annoyed because DUH HE KNOWS THIS IS A BOBBY PIN, HELLLLUHHHH.

    However, he thought these nipple pasties were earbuds.

    francescascorsese / /

    ???????? No offense Mr. Scorsese, but what??

    He thought this "hair donut" was "some sort of weird pillow." Which it could be, for a mouse!!!!

    francescascorsese /

    Mr. Scorsese, do you ever go to your hair and makeup trailers?

    But my fav part was his guesses for the menstrual cup.

    francescascorsese /

    First he said "flagon." I googled and this is a flagon:

    Lol. Wrong.

    Then he said an "iCup," which at first I thought was a joke, like an iPad or iPhone. But then I googled again, and it turns out the cups you pee in at the doctor are called iCups.

    Either way... wrong. 

    Anyway, for a dad, he did pretty well. Except for the whole flagon thing. I hope he makes more appearances soon.

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