Martha Stewart Just Proved She Was The First Hipster To Ever Exist


    You know that friend that's like, "Oh, you're listening to Electric Blanket Grandma? Well I listened to them like three years ago, and their first album was better." WELL, THAT FRIEND IS MARTHA STEWART.

    In a truly iconic post on her website, Martha has proven to be so hipster that she out-hipsters any hipster that ever claimed to be hipster or will ever be hipster. She is literally the hipster queen. SHE DID IT FIRST! ALL OF IT!

    One example of her hipster-ness (before hipsters were even a thing) is the fact that she has been using mason jars for ever. Oh you thought *you* used Mason Jars? Wrong. Well maybe right, but Martha uses mason jars more than you and before you.

    Another piece of evidence that she is literally the first hipster to ever grace this planet is her shirts. She wears oversized chambray ones — and has been since the dawn of time.

    A third example of Martha being the Hipster Queen we've been searching for is her "Lob." She was wearing a "lob" before the words "long" and "bob" were even in the dictionary.

    Also she wants Emma Stone to take a hike.

    Martha Stewart's dreams:

    As for the last example as to why Martha is the world's first hipster: Martha wears Chunky-cute clogs. Not just chunky or cute, but chunky and cute. Plus, she's been wearing them for years, not just this season like a poser!

    In conclusion, I agree: Martha Stewart is better than all of us and invented hipsterdom. I bend thy knee to her. And also you have to read the rest of the list because you just have to.