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Mariah Carey Confirms All The Pop Stars She Knows And Doesn't Know

This will never die.

In case you haven't been following the decade-spanning drama, Mariah Carey does not know Jennifer Lopez.

Since it has been made pretty clear that Mariah does NOT know J. Lo, last night on Watch What Happens Live, Andy Cohen wanted to find out who Mariah does know with the game "Does She Know Her."

Bravo /

She was asked if she knows Taylor Swift. And the answer was that she's a "very nice" girl.

Which was basically what she said about Katy Perry too.

Bravo / Via

But then we learned that she definitely does not know Madonna.

Bravo / ://

And when asked if she knows Ariana Grande...

It was a very hard "no."

Mariah DOES, however, know Britney Spears and love her very much.

"I love @britneyspears!" - @MariahCarey #WWHL

But then the true moment that had us all a-gaspin' was when Andy brought up Demi Lovato later in the night, to which Mariah Carey responded that she does NOT know her.

And then went on to basically call her out for talking shit.

I personally would watch an hourlong TV special of this game. But for now we just have this.

Full video of "Does She Know Her" featuring Mariah Carey. She doesn't know Ariana but loves Britney Spears! #WWHL

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