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    Mariah Carey Seriously Does Not Know Jennifer Lopez

    She. Does. Not. Know. Her.

    Last night, Mariah Carey appeared on Watch What Happens Live. She's the only guest to ever have had Andy sit in the other chair to accommodate her "good side." But we aren't here to talk about that. We are here to discuss the never-ending topic of how Mariah Carey "doesn't know" Jennifer Lopez.

    It all began all those years ago when Mariah Carey was asked about Jennifer Lopez and responded like this:


    And then again not too long ago she still didn't know her:

    TMZ / Via

    And guess what — that's right! When Andy brought up Jennifer Lopez, he asked the question again. Does Mariah Carey know her?

    And if you're a smart cookie, maybe you knew what the answer was: a resounding NO!!!!

    Mariah then elaborated on the context of her words:

    The use of the word forgetful is a term that Jennifer Lopez used herself while talking about this saga.

    She continued:

    So after that explanation, Andy followed up. If she doesn't know her know her, does she at least think she's cool?

    To which Mariah said, ummmm...nothing?

    And then added (ALL TOGETHER NOW!!):

    There we have it. Mariah does not know her.

    Please watch the entire conversation about this subject matter because it's important:

    View this video on YouTube

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