I Cannot Stop Laughing At This Mariah Carey Christmas Ornament And How Mariah Herself Responded To It

    My, what beautiful eyes she has.

    Mariah Carey is le queen of Christmas, so it's only appropriate to have her on your Christmas tree.

    Obviously, Kyle Blaine's husband knew this, and that's why he got this ornament.

    My husband and I exchange ornaments every year and this year he got me @MariahCarey which is very festive!

    Full disclosure: Kyle used to work at BuzzFeed News. Hi Kyle!

    An ornament SO perfect it shouldn't exist.

    Like, truly IDK if it should exist?

    But also, I'm glad it does.

    Because it's perfect in its own special way.

    What really makes me happy is Mariah Carey's response to seeing the ornament. I guess she wasn't happy with how she was represented??????????

    This is... Not approved 😐 (But it's the thought that counts) https://t.co/wMAOBQ2BgS

    Maybe it's the nose?

    Anyway, I love it, and want one even though I'm Jewish and don't have a Christmas tree.