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    Mae Whitman Loves Tim Riggins Just As Much As Everyone Else Does

    This is amazing and adorable.

    This is the beautiful, perfect Mae Whitman.

    She's been known to like Tim Riggins.

    And now she's apparently the happiest person in the entire world because she was gifted this framed photo of Tim Riggins — from the actual set of Friday Night Lights — by the actress who played Mindy Riggins (Tim's brother's wife) on the show.

    And then she carried that framed photo of Tim Riggins around with her during the ATX Festival this past weekend.


    But maybe the best part is that Tim Riggins' best friend is Jason Street, and the guy who played Jason Street also played Mae Whitman's husband on the series finale of Parenthood.

    So basically she's really excited to have a framed picture of her husband's high school best friend. THE FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTSPARENTHOOD CONNECTION HAS COME FULL CIRCLE!