Lorde Does Her Zombie Dance In Clubs, Too

The zombie dance lives.

Ellie Goulding, Katy Perry and Lorde were getting down behind the DJ Booth at a party after the Brit awards. And they were dancing. Hard. Like really hard dancing. Super duper dancing.

2. Lorde was doing the classic creep as Katy Perry swayed:

3. Then Ellie was pumping and pointing while Lorde got low, but only with her shoulders:

4. Then Katy started pointing and Lorde was doing the “HOLY FUCK THERE’S A BEE NEAR ME” dance:

5. Then she tried to swat the bee while Katy stayed swaying:

6. But unfortunately the BEE WAS IN HER HAIR.

7. And Ellie was like “oh damn, that’s funny that you have a bee in there”

8. But the dancing continued.

9. The only person missing was Taylor Swift:

10. Here’s the whole beautiful video:

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