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    Logan Marshall Green Has An Actual Twin Brother That Isn't His Doppelgänger, Tom Hardy

    There's two of them.

    Most of youz know Logan Marshall Green as Trey from The OC.


    You might know him even more for looking a lot like Tom Hardy, which tbh is rude to his acting abilities (see above gif).

    Mark Ralston / AFP / Getty Images, Kevin Winter / Getty Images

    Das Logan on the left, and Tom Hardy on the right.

    But Logan doesn't only look like Tom Hardy. He also looks exactly like Taylor Marshall Green. HIS TWIN BROTHER.

    And for some reason, the younger Taylor Marshall Green looks more like the current Logan Marshall Green than the past Logan Marshall Green looks. Weird, but anyway...

    ...there are two of them!!!

    And they used to have blonde bowl cuts.

    I mean, it's double the Treys!!! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?!?!!?

    This is Logan:

    And this is the Twin bro Taylor:

    This is Logan (with fake bro Ryan Atwood):

    And this is his twin bro Taylor:



    So there you have it. Taylor Marshall Green looks exactly like his twin brother Logan Marshall Green. And Logan Marshall Green looks exactly like Tom Hardy. So I guess if you do the math that means there are three Tom Hardys. Neat!!!!! OK BYE.

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