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    Lizzo Chugged A Glass Of Tequila While Harry Styles Cheered Her On And It's A Thing Of Beauty

    I love everything about this.

    I'm a stupid American and don't really know what the BRITs are, but from what I've gathered from the below clip, it's a slightly chaotic awards show filled with alcohol and people I love. The proof is in this 28 seconds from the show. Lizzo chugs a glass of tequila and Harry Styles is full of joy about it:

    To recap: the host of the show, Jack Whitehall, came over to have a toast with Harry. Then, upon realizing the drink is straight-up tequila on ice, he passes it over to Lizzo.

    Lizzo then chugs it.

    And continues to chug it while Harry returns and cheers like no man has ever cheered before.



    Then Lizzo finishes the drink and takes her applause.

    All the while, glasses on Harry's table are falling over and spilling because of all the excitement.

    And in the end, Harry is left confused and with red wine on his bright yellow suit.

    Basically, it's a perfect 28 seconds of famous people doing stuff. Heck, let's just watch it again.

    And yes to this.

    New show. Me @lizzo and @Harry_Styles travelling round the world in a camper van.