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Little Mix's "No More Sad Songs" Music Video Has Increased My Lesbianism By 200%

Only facts.

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Welcome, welcome. Please, take a seat! I'm here to talk to you about the music video for "No More Sad Songs."

Sadly, while some men were cured of their homosexuality, I actually turned about 2x gayer. Before I watched this music video I was only 100% lesbian. Now I'm 300% lesbian.

Let's discuss. First of all, the girls are going into the Wild Beaver Saloon. Hehehehe.

Second, the girls give money to a street performer. I LOVE generosity in a woman.

But third - infinity THE GIRLS LOOK HOT AS HELL.

I mean, Jade. Wow.

And Jesy. Wow again.

And Leigh Anne!!!!!!


It's cowgirl meets Spice Girls meets perfection.

I've never been a fan of assless chaps before today!

And honestly cowboy hats were kinda dumb to me before I saw this video. I just never got the look.

Jerrygrugin / Getty Images

But now I get the look. The look is good!

Also, I think we should discuss the water spraying scene!!

YES! We must.

It was a beautiful ode to Coyote Ugly.

One that should never be forgotten!

Basically, thank you Little Mix. For everything that you do.

And for inspiring me to move to the country and find myself a cowgirl.

Here's the vid. Enjoy.

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