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    Literally Just 26 Pictures Of Kristen Stewart And Her Newly Shaved Head That You Can Stare At All Day


    Welp, it happened to you. You saw that Kristen Stewart buzzed her hair (and dyed it platinum blonde again), and now you need to look at every possible photo of the insanely hot new look. Well then, here you go! Below you'll find literally just 26 photos of Kristen Stewart's new hair, because it deserves all of your attention. Enjoy scrolling!

    1. Kristen Stewart's new hair!

    2. There it is!

    3. Just like I said.

    4. Here's another.

    5. And another one!

    6. Here it is again.

    7. You knew what you were in for!

    8. I told you!

    9. Yep, Kristen Stewart again!

    10. I wasn't kidding!

    11. Here's picture #11.

    12. Now #12!

    13. Only 13 more to go!

    14. Now only 12 left!

    15. Did you think I was joking?

    16. I was serious!

    17. Very serious!

    18. Here's #18!

    19. Yep! Another one!

    20. Another one again.

    21. We're like butter now...

    22. ...ON A ROLL!

    23. Almost there!

    24. Now it's almost over.

    25. But here's another one.

    26. And the last one!

    27. Actually you know what, I changed my mind!!!!!

    28. LET'S GO TO 30!!!!

    29. Cause why not, you've made it this far!

    30. And now it's really over.

    Now go back to the top and repeat!