Literally Just 14 Pictures Of Jeff Goldblum Lookin' Like One Dapper Daddy In Venice

    A dapper dad indeed.

    1. "I'll change your diaper, kid."

    2. "Was that spit up or are you just happy to see me?"

    3. "Mamma Mia? More like Pappaaa Pia."

    4. "Come to daddy."

    5. "Rockabye baby, baby"

    6. "I think somebody needs a nap"

    7. "Goo Goo Ga Ga indeed."

    8. "Stop crying, daddy's here."

    9. "Here's a little bedtime story for ya."

    10. "That's where the milk is made."

    11. "Please, call me Mr. Goldblum."

    12. "Bathtime!"

    13. "Open wide, here comes the airplane!"

    14. "Daddy loves you!"

    The End.