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    Jun 1, 2019

    I'm Obsessed With This Nail Salon That Literally So Many Famous People Go To


    Remember when Brad Pitt and Matthew McConaughey realized they were neighbors in New Orleans? Well this is just like that, except it's Lisa Vanderpump and Sharon Stone getting manicures at the same time.

    You see, Sharon was gettin' her nails done.

    Ansa / Hollywood To You / BACKGRID

    And it turns out...fellow famous person Lisa Vanderpump was also getting her nails done at the same salon, at the same time, just two seats down from Sharon.

    Fufu, Bkny / BACKGRID

    A nail salon for famous people, you say?

    Fufu, Bkny / BACKGRID

    Well actually yah. Because upon further digging, I realized that like...a lot of famous (using that word loosely) people go to this VERY NAIL SALON. I mean, Sharon Stone and Lisa Vanderpump could have gotten their fingers and toes mani/pedi'd next to ANYONE.

    Like Tara Reid. She's been there.

    / Phoenix / AKM-GSI

    So has Don Johnson.

    Gino / Red Rum / BACKGRID

    And Jane Fonda.

    Hocn / RC / BACKGRID

    And Whitney Port.

    / The Media Circuit / AKM-GSI

    Ray J has pampered himself there.

    Gino / VoltageImages / BACKGRID

    So has Jaime King.

    / RC / AKM-GSI

    And Janice Dickinson.

    Fufu / Yellow Mamba / BACKGRID

    And Ashley Greene.

    Hocn / RC / BACKGRID

    And La Toya Jackson.

    Msbh / MSBH / BACKGRID

    Lisa Rinna goes there.

    Hocn / RC / BACKGRID

    Lori Loughlin has also been there, but not sure if she's shown her face there recently, cause, ya know.

    Gino / Red Rum / BACKGRID

    Rebecca Gayheart goes there.

    Fufu / Yellow Mamba / BACKGRID

    So does Eva Longoria.

    Msbh, Hgvc / MSBH/HGVC / BACKGRID

    And Katy Segal. Smart House, anyone?!?!

    / RC / AKM-GSI

    Basically it could have been anyone because apparently celebrities love this nail salon with the green chairs!!!

    Fufu, Bkny / BACKGRID

    Oh, the things the walls have heard in that place!

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