Lindsay Lohan Was At Justin Bieber Concert Before She Got Arrested

She probably never saw it coming.

1. At 8:41 PM she tweeted this, revealing she was at the Justin Bieber concert that took place at Madison Square Garden in NYC last night:

And yep, she also tweeted it at herself.

2. It’s unrelated but worth it to note that she used the incorrect “The Wanted” twitter handle.

3. It was confirmed that she was at the Justin Bieber concert by this tweet:

4. And also these photos:

6. At 9:05 PM she responded to a fan on Twitter:

7. Sometime after that tweet she went HERE. To “Avenue,” a nightclub in New York City.

8. It’s possible that while there she could have sat in THIS chair.

9. Or walked in this room.

10. Where Lindsay maybe punched this girl, Tiffany Eve Mitchell.

11. This was her last tweet sent before the incident. Maybe it means nothing. Maybe it means everything.

12. All we know is in the end, she got arrested.

13. And this morning, at 7:30 AM left the police station with a coat over her face.

Louis Lanzano / AP

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