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Lindsay Lohan Dancing In Mykonos Has Brought More Joy To My Life Than I Ever Thought Possible

Untz 😎 Untz 😎 Untz 😎.

If you didn't already know, Lindsay Lohan is coming into her second life as an entrepreneur. She has opened a club in Mykonos, Greece called Lindsay Lohan Beach House and I want to go there.

I want to go there very, very, very badly.

But this isn't about me wanting to go to Mykonos to party at the LLBH. This is about Lindsay Lohan dancing at said beach house.

Friends, this is what I'm talkin' about!!!

The above video was taken by an eye witness, @heyitsneilwang and I truly believe this moment in history is why video recording was invented!!

The dancing is so good, that it has now sparked the Lindsay Lohan Dance challenge. Busy Phillips and Kelly Oxford have attempted it.

As have these guys:

It has also been edited for funnies. For example, here is Lindsay dancing but to a different song:

TBH I lol'd.

And while the above dancing videos are instantly iconic, the below video of Lindsay dancing to her own song, "Rumors," is the best part of the whole freakin' thing!!!!!!


So yeah, I will be replaying these videos on a constant loop in my head for the rest of eternity.

Thank you Lindsay for your moves, and I could not agree with your mom more!!!

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