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    Lily James As Pam Anderson In Her Red Baywatch Bathing Suit Is So Perfect, It's Uncanny

    Good job, casting people!

    You may have seen this pic of Sebastian Stan and Lily James as Tommy Lee and Pam Anderson for their new Hulu show, Pam and Tommy.

    The resemblances are uncanny.

    Perfect casting, IMHO.

    But now, there are pics of Lily James in the iconic red bathing suit from Pam's Baywatch days, and IT'S UNREAL.

    The pics are expensive, so we only have one, and I'm just gonna keep posting it because it's nuts how much Lily looks like Pam.

    This is the actual Pam Anderson from back in the day:

    And this is Lily (left) with Pam (right).


    Seth Rogen is also in this show, by the way. And he plays a character who dresses really awesome.

    I'll be watching, obviously. BYE.