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    Liev Schreiber Will Impress You With His Twitter Skills

    But seriously, he's perfect.

    Liev Schreiber once tweeted this:


    Sure, he pocket tweets a lot.

    Like, all the time.

    It's possible his pocket has tiny human hands and loves to tweet.

    But his award-winning butt tweets are only one layer of this seven-layer dip tweeter.

    Because when he's not pocket tweeting, he's posting pictures like this:

    And like this (that properly display his flawless physique):

    He's also slowly but surely mastering the selfie.

    See? They are coming along!

    Liev also is a very positive subtweeter. Like here he says hello to Jada.

    And talks to Jodie, Jada, Sofia, Victoria, Deanie, and Carmelo.

    And also Jimmy! (He loved the sketch posters!)

    Plus, he's adorable with his kids.

    And even MORE adorable with his wife, Naomi Watts (who he calls Na):

    He brags about her.

    As he should.

    Because they are a perfect couple.

    In conclusion: Liev Schreiber is amazing at Twitter. And this has been fixed: