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Introducing Christachio Hemsworthio

You deserve it!!

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Greetings, humeros. I've brought you here because there's a lack of Chris Hemsworth's new mustache content on the internet, and it is my duty, as your friend, to fix that. So yeah, let's get to it.

Check out Chris Hemsworth's new mustachio!!!

Andrew Chin / Getty Images

Mammaaa mia!!! It's-a him-a, Chris!

Andrew Chin / Getty Images

Witness mustachio'd Chris eating Pho and getting little soup bits and broth on his whiskers.

Instagram: @chrishemsworth

And check out his mustache smizing. Yes, his mustache smizes!!!!!

Look at the little guy peeking out from out from under his wetsuit, he is a star.


The mustache also cheers.

And pretty much has sex with you through the camera.

In conclusion:

Andrew Chin / Getty Images

In second conclusion: Christachio Hemsworthio... check please!!!!