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    Let Us Not Forget That Neville Longbottom, AKA Matthew Lewis, Is Perfect

    In case you've forgotten what happened to him and need to be reminded.

    Incase you need a refresher, this is what Neville Longbottom looks like now.

    This cardigan stunner.


    Matthew Lewis is literally the dictionary definition for "How to be good at growing up"

    Look at him run so effortlessly like a flawless physical being.

    It's like he is floating on the treadmill, just glowing like a mythical creature.

    And that's before you see his legs in motion.

    His Harry Potter co-stars can barely believe their beautiful friend is a real, tangible being.

    They are in shock that a human such as himself can exist.

    But it's true! He's real! As is his chest hair.

    Matthew himself can't even believe he looks this attractive spitting water out of his mouth.

    And still makes you shake in your socks even when he makes this face.

    *grabs onto edge of table to stop from falling over*

    *edge of table is slippery, falls over anyway, slips into a coma*


    Thank you so much.

    Thank you X 1,000,000.

    You are great byeeeeeeee.